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corporate culture

First, the enterprise purpose: to make the best quality products, do the most honest service.

Second, development goals: " Create an industry- -flow, do the first in the country.”

Third, enterprise spirit: " unity and hard work, love and dedication; pioneering and innovative, dare to be the world.”


"Unity" is the basic guiding ideology of a good development of an enterprise, through communication, coordination and cooperation

Do, create a fair and just good enterprise environment, form a situation of concerted, consistent pace.

"Struggle" in the work- -must be accurate, efficient, in the completion of the task to have " not to the Great Wall

Non-hero "heroic feelings, there should be" do not bow, do not admit defeat, dry tears, adhere to " heroic spirit, in the formulation of practical stage goals, encourage moderate advance, against erosion grandiose.

"Benevolence" people have "humanity", the enterprise is composed of people naturally also have the people.

Sexual management ", through the perfect care system to let employees feel the enterprise to their own respect, help and love, so that employees love the enterprise, love the work, love the enterprise like home.Keeping good employees is the greatest wealth of an enterprise.

"Dedication" people-oriented is in the-set conditions of the maximum guarantee of each-employee

interest.The premise is that there is such a "- -fixed condition", which is not innate.Is created by every employee of the enterprise.Everyone must work hard (work) to contribute their talent and strength to the enterprise to create this condition to ensure that everyone enjoys the greatest benefits.

"Pioneering and innovation" pioneering and innovation is the soul of enterprise development, through carrying out a wide range of scientific research activities

And staff rationalization proposal to realize full innovation; realize technology innovation and management innovation through modernization, informatization and standardization of management concept and means, and achieve win-win cooperation of new technologies.

"Dare to the world" dare to the world is the source of success, dare to learn, dare to practice

bring forth new ideas.We should learn and adapt in change, generate and develop in adaptation, and take the initiative to learn and innovate as a kind of working ability.Any employee of the company has and should have the spirit to the rest in the world.

Fourth, the core values of the enterprise: to satisfy customers,

Let shareholders rest and make employees happy.

Explanation: The ultimate goal of an enterprise is to create value.Value is the true nature of enterprise survival and development.

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