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What are other applications for PMK ethyl glycidate?

What are the similarities and differences between PMK ethyl glycidatez(CAS 28578-16-7)pathway and diglyceride pathway?

PMK ethyl glycidate(CAS 28578-16-7) is widely used as emulsifier, thickener, solvent, gas chromatography stationary liquid and biochemical reagent.

②Diglyceride has many advantages such as safety, nutrition, good processing suitability and high compatibility with human body. It is a kind of multifunctional additive and has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry (cosmetics) and other industries.

PMK ethyl glycidate is a monoester compound in which one of the three hydroxyl groups in the glycerol molecule is dehydrated and condensed by an acid.

Diglycerides (DGs) are structural lipids in which one fatty acid is replaced by a hydroxyl group in a class of triglycerides. DG is a trace component of natural vegetable oils and an endogenous intermediate product of fat metabolism in the body, and it is a recognized safe food ingredient.



What are the applications of PMK ethyl glycidate(CAS 28578-16-7) in the food industry?

food industry

Baked products such as cakes made with DG-rich fat added to the batter are very easy to demould, the products are non-stick and soft and smooth. The dough made of shortening composed of DG has good oil retention and is easy to roll and divide.

The solubilizer developed by DG, lecithin and other additives can accelerate the dissolution of solid beverages, making the product more smooth, plump, and have the desired foam.

Pre-cooking rice coated with DG-rich oil can greatly extend the shelf life of instant rice, not only the rice is well organized, the appearance is crystal clear, but also the natural aroma of the rice is maintained.



What are other applications for PMK ethyl glycidate(CAS 28578-16-7)?

chemical industry

In the chemical industry, PMK ethyl glycidate (CAS 28578-16-7) is an attractive synthetic starting material for the synthesis of various compounds such as resins, phospholipids, sugar esters, lipoproteins, reconstituted lipids, etc., and can also be used in the biological industry Synthetic enzyme activator, inhibitor, etc. PMK ethyl glycidate is an excellent emulsifier, stabilizer, wetting agent, etc. in the cosmetic industry.


other apps

PMK ethyl glycidate can also be used to make deodorants. The deodorant does not pollute the environment, is safe and harmless to the human body, has a good removal effect on various odors, and is inexpensive, and can be used for deodorization in various industries and fields such as food and sanitation. In addition, depending on the properties of PMK ethyl glycidate(CAS 28578-16-7), it can also be used in food coatings, defoamers, leather fatliquors, etc.



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